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Monday, April 23, 2012

Movement and Music: Exploring Space!

Hello again!  I'm Jedda, from This Little Project.   Today, I'm here sharing some ideas of how to explore SPACE with movement and music!

My kids and I have been studying the planets and one of our {little projects}
was making a solar system.

I wanted a fun way to teach my 4 year-old about the planets.  I sang this song (below) with her a few times to help her learn their order.
Then a week later when we went to a planet exhibit at the museum and she sang it by herself all the way there!  She remembered it!
 Music is a great tool for learning!

This song is about the order of the planets in the solar system:

This song teaches a little bit about each of the planets.  It's nice for an introduction to the solar system.

We have also been enjoying the music about each planet that Gustav Holst composed.  He composed a piece of music about each of the planets, except for Earth, and I have movies of each of them below for you to enjoy.

It would be fun to read a book about a planet before you listen to the music, so it's fresh in your mind.

It's also fun to dress up in the color of each planet and dance along.  Each song in this Planet Suite has a personality and it's fun to move in different ways while you learn about each planet (see the video above).

The Planets Suite by Holst is probably not something that most kids will sit through at one sitting.  It's kinda long.  But listening to the music of each planet as you learn about each planet is really fun! 

Mercury, The Winged Messanger; by Gustav Holst:

Venus, The Bringer of Peace; by Gustav Holst:

Mars. the Bringer of War; by Gustav Holst:

Jupiter, the bringer of Jollity; composed by Gustav Holst:

Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age; by Gustav Holst:

Uranus, the Magician; composed by Gustav Holst:

Neptune, the Mystic; by Gustav Holst:

Try drawing a picture about each of the planets as you listen to the music too.  If you look at pictures or a book about each planet before doing your art work, it will be fresh in your mind and easier to think and imagine about.

Which planet is your favorite?
I hope you have fun exploring space with music and movement!

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And come see me at This Little Project for more kid-friendly learning fun :)


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