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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Learning Beyond Limits

It isn't often here on ABC & 123 that we talk about our personal lives and our families.  I was recently asked to write an article explaining our son's journey with Spina Bifida and his success with the specific type of therapy we have chosen.  While I was working on the article I enjoyed putting together a video explaining our littlest love, our thoughts on his potential, and his outstanding progress.  I hope you don't mind me sharing it with all of you here.  If nothing more, at least you will get a brief glimpse into our daily life.  However, my hope is that this will serve as an encouragement to you that ALL children are capable of achieving above and beyond any limitations that have been placed on them! 
If you are interested in reading more of Gabe's story, have a child with Spina Bifida, or are looking for encouragement and resources for helping your child with special needs I would love for you to visit his site.  You can read more there and contact us if you have specific questions.
Disclaimer: This video was my very first attempt at using Photo Story 3, which I am currently exploring in my grad class 21 Things for the 21st Century Teacher. I still have a bit of experimenting to do with getting just the right balance between the recorded sound and the background music. PS3 is easy to use and I am guessing you will all find some great ways to use it to increase your teaching productivity.  The Amazon book link is not an affiliate.  However, I think the book is amazing and it has changed the way I think about working with all children!  

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story--great to learn about spina bifida. I am encouraged by your miracle! (I did have a harder time hearing your voice over the music, but I know this is a work in progress--great job!)