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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Change for a Change

It is inspiring when you meet someone who dedicates their time, energy, and love to making a change!    Inspired is just how I felt when I met Amy, the heart behind a local non profit diaper bank committed to diapering babies in need.  During the recent Diaper Need Awareness week I was presented with some disheartening facts about the need for a change (literally!).  One in three families in the US struggle to afford diapers for their infants.  Without the resources to provide clean diapers, some parents resort to cleaning and reusing disposable diapers causing sanitary and health issues for their babies. In many cases cloth diapering is not an option because these families in need to not have access to private laundering facilities.

There is a way for all of us to swap our small change into a big change for some little loves.  (With the right deals and coupons, every dime buys a diaper.)

the Change for Change Can Drive  

To participate:
Choose an empty container
Decorate it as you choose, or simply print the Change for Change Can Wrap
Collect coins to fill the container
If you are near Zeeland, MI you can bring your filled containers to Pumpkinfest on October 4, 5, or 6.  If you are participating from afar you can deposit your change in the bank and donate via credit card or PayPal on Nestling's website.

Perhaps you'd like to get creative with your coin collection by sparking a bit of friendly staff lounge/homeroom competition or setting up a contest between the families in your home school community.

What about a team spirit coin rivalry?

Perhaps you may pick a play on words slogan for your collection. (This jar sits in our laundry room where I empty pockets before throwing pants in the wash machine).

What could you do to... 
...Luv on a baby in need?
...Pamper a special someone?
...give a little Huggie? 

To read more about getting involved in Change for a Change, donating diapers to Nestlings, or finding a diaper bank in your own community check out or find them on Facebook.


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