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Monday, September 24, 2012

Movement and Music: Going on a Bear Hunt!

Hi, I'm Jedda from This Little Project.  My daughter is a big fan of the We're Going on a Bear Hunt book right now.  I love it when you can take a book interact with it with movement and music--instead of just reading it.  Today I'll show you what I mean, by using the book, We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

I love using this book with my own kids to teach them listening music skills at the piano.  The words "over" and "under" and all the action words like "splash, splosh" are great for teaching about high and low notes and making different kinds of sounds at the piano.  If you would like to use this book to teach some musical skills, and "play a story" on the piano, I've written more details here.

Here is a movie of the book We're Going on a Bear Hunt that is great, especially if you aren't familiar with the book.

I recently had some preschoolers at my house to explore this book together.  We played a game where we used our EARS and a lot of energy to take turns hunting

and finding a bear, and had a Bear Hunt snack.  I've written more about these ideas here.

When you can put actions to a story it engages even more senses for the children.  Here are some action ideas, given by the author: 
Acting it out is another fun way to engage movement with a book:  
You can also used the bears and some buttons to practice fine-motor skills with the letter B.
To print your own Dot Letters, check out these printables
Interacting with a book using Music and Movement brings a story to life and makes it a whole-body experience.  It's the kind of thing that kids love and it keeps them engaged because it uses more senses and is so much fun!! 
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  1. What fun! My son loves his ted. He would love to take him on a hunt.

  2. Bear hunts are so much fun! we did one too.