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Friday, September 21, 2012

Feature Youself Friday: Meet Hannah

Hello!  I'm Hannah from Making Boys Men and I am delighted to be guest posting on 'Feature Me Friday'.  My blog features all the crafts, outdoor play and fun I get up to with my three young boys.  I think my main objective in being a stay at home Mum is to help turn our little boys into generous hearted, responsible, loving young men - hence the blog name 'making boys men'.  But, of course all the activities we do are for girls and boys alike.
And here are our boys - Bud (4), Champ (2.5) and Little Dude (11mths).  They are a bit younger in this picture, but it's pretty hard to get a nice picture of all three!  Oh and that's me too!
Every day we try and get outside for some outdoor play regardless of the weather and each week I do a post about all the outdoor activities we've done. One of my favourites is this post as it includes a bit of messy play, a bit of art, a bit of water play and some den building - a perfect week outdoors!
I'm also a HUGE fan of busy bags so I've done a few busy bag posts too.  Busy bags are activities in a bag to keep young ones busy - simple really, but a life saver in restaurants and the doctors waiting room!  If you're interested you can check out some ideas for busy bags with craft sticks, pipe cleaners or clothes pegs (pins).
One of my favourite projects that we've done is Splat Painting.  We used fly swats and it was good messy painting fun and very hands on, but what I really enjoyed was that we did it as a whole family - great shared memories!
One thing I like to do for every post is give it a mess rating.  One splat for nice clean activities, two splats require a bit of tidy up and three splats mean the boys are going straight in the bath!  I hope it gives readers an idea of what they're in for if they try out an activity! We do loads of other art, crafts, baby play etc, but hopefully this post has given you a little idea of what we get up to.  If you've liked what you've read and want to know more you can check out Making Boys Men, our Pinterest page or our brand new facebook page.


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