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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kid's Green Crafting & Activities

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Because Earth Day and being green should be a change for a lifetime, for today's Fun Friday post we'd like to share some activities that incorporate items that might otherwise end up in the trash. This was a lot of fun putting together, if you've done a green craft be sure to leave us a link in the comments so we can check them out!

Many Little Blessings has a great idea for turning a shipping box their family got from Amazon into a box house. Teach Mama has another great use, turn it into a sensory box.

Thrifty Craft Mama posted about making doll houses for peg dolls out of recycled items.

k e household used their old milk jug to make a bird feeder.

Got ribbon? Got lots of empty ribbon spools around? Turn them into these bright and colorful spring flowers, as seen on Four Crazy Kings.

Mama King has also turned empty strawberry containers into a treasure box.

Two Little Monkeys has a post devoted to crafts inspired by recycled materials, some for children and some for adults!

Homeschool Creations gives instructions for making a Toilet Paper Tube Train.

Valerie at Frugal Family Fun put all her links to projects that use recyclables all in one handy post. She's got several great ideas so check them out!

Valerie also recently shared a great tutorial on how to turn old magazines into beads, what a great way to reuse them!

Sandy at Just for Fun shared two cute ideas for crafting with old egg cartons. Turn them into caterpillars and flowers. It would be fun to make the caterpillars when doing a Hungry Caterpillar theme.

Noelle at Lil' Bits and Pieces of Me shared an activity using old milk cartons to make blocks. You could decorate the sides with old greeting cards your children have received and incorporate even more recyclables. Another idea is to use this craft to make ABC blocks, you could cut pictures for each letter out of old magazines and paste onto the sides along with the letter.

Learning Activities Using Recycled Materials

Teach Mama uses children's yogurt containers for many uses, including this number activity that kept her kids occupied while she made dinner.

A Listmaker's Life used old magazines to make paper flowers.

More Great Ideas

The Kid's Craft blog by Plaid shares several links to recycled crafts. Check out the Alien Bank and Recycled Train.

Our friend Kris at Jesse Kate Designs was recently published in a great crafting magazine called Pack o' Fun. See her critter containers using old spice jars. The best part is that there are already holes for the critters to get air.


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