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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Punctuation Practice

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Today's Words, Words, Words Wednesday focuses on teaching punctuation!
ProTeacher Collection has a large list of activities for working with your student on capitalization and punctuation.

Project LA shares 3 activities to help learners identify proper placement of capitalization and punctuation marks.
Capitalization & Punctuation
Let’s Put an End to Sentences!
What’s Your Mark?
Sentence Stumpers
Cluster Busters

Hot Chalks has designed a grammar lesson for 3rd and 4th grade students called

Collaborative Learning has shared a pdf of punctuation games for your printing pleasure.
Crayola is a fantastic resource for more than just art activities. Check out the perfect punctuation lessons as a game or in a box!

Action Based Learning has written a lesson plan for Action Punctuation. This cooperative lesson is appropriate for a group.

Here are a few of our own ideas:
~Write & Read the ABCs with punctuation
Work with your child to expressively read the alphabet with different punctuation marks at different intervals. This is a great way to practice with an element (the alphabet) that is already familiar.

~Punctuation Hand Signals
Allow your child to creatively define each punctuation mark with its' own hand signal. As you read a poem or story to them, ask your child to act out the punctuation with the chosen signals.

~Punctuation Characters
Practice grammar and creativity by writing a story where all of the characters are different punctuation marks. What characterization will your little learners develop for each of these symbols?

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  1. A really easy hand sign method to learn is called PIDT. PIDT makes texting by hand simple. The system consists of texting with one hand, five fingers and only six simple gestures to create any letter, word or sentence. There are several videos on youtube, including Learn PIDT. You can also check out the website

    It only takes a few minutes to learn to text by hand with the PIDT method.