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Monday, April 20, 2009

Management Monday: Classroom Tools

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For today's Management Monday, we're highlighting teaching tools or strategies that some of our readers use to help their learning activities be a success. If you have one please submit it so we can feature it in a future post.

Denise at Explorations shares her song charts, these are a wonderful teaching tool to work on pre-reading skills. Many teachers use song charts in circle time and have a new one weekly. You can talk about print directionality, high light key writing concepts such as begin a sentence with capital letters, and give each child their own poem for a poem book. You child will eventually have several poems and songs he or she can read on his or her own.

Classroom transitions can be tricky. Second Story Window shares 2 favorite transition techniques: poetry and brain teasers.

They also have a fun idea for cleaning up the classroom called "Secret Scrap!"

Jenni at Our Nifty Notebook, saves her empty peanut butter jars and uses them to organize her daughter's collections. They are the perfect size to hold counting manipulatives.

Thanks to Annette at the Whipples for letting us know about this fun resource: Homeschool Freebie of the Day. Everyday for just one day a new freebie is available. Sign up for their newsletter and find out each week what will be available.


  1. Great tools! Thanks for sharing:0)

  2. Thanks for featuring me. I love the song chart idea, my daughter loves to sing songs.