ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Wondertime Wednesday: Easter Themed Experiments & Investigations

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wondertime Wednesday: Easter Themed Experiments & Investigations

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Practice the skill of hypothesizing with your pre-schooler.
Katie shares a simple scientific experiment that makes use of plastic easter eggs.

Sara submitted a Spring Nest activity. This activity opens the door for talking with your children about why birds build nests and what materials they use. As a variation, you and your children could search your yard for nest building materials to add to the craft.

Education World has an idea for Egg-sperimenting.

For more egg-ish experimentation check out A Dozen Egg-speriments.

Do It Yourself suggests a gardening experiment that uses leftover egg shells.

The act of coloring eggs becomes a science experiment in itself as your child observes the changes in the eggs. Have them record their observations. Talk about mixing colors.

Kids Craft Magazine lists several fun experiements with Easter eggs.

If you have older students, they may have a lot of fun re-enacting "official" experiments done on Peeps marshmellows.

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