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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Toddler Time: Easter

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Shell at Pre-K Fun shares several tot tray ideas with Easter and spring themes. This chick shape matching activity is just one of the fun ideas.

Denise shared her color sorting activity; it was a big hit! Her daughter wanted to do it again and again!

Clemencia and her daughter made their own golden egg out of yarn, glue, and a balloon inspired by the classic children's story The Golden Egg. They also made stained glass eggs using a variety of papers such as crepe paper, tissue paper, and a plastic treat bag.

Apples 4 the Teacher has compiled a list of Easter poems appropriate for young children.

The Perpetual Preschooler has an extensive collection of Easter games & learning activities submitted by preschool teachers. This link is a "must see." has a page of printable number & letter activities. We thought you might be interested in the ABC Bunnies or the 123 Carrots.
{Thanks Jenny for pointing us to this great resource.}

Associated Content explains three early childhood Easter activities for learning numbers, colors, letters, and shapes: Easter Hunt Race, Egg Hunt Bingo & Bunny-baloo

Egg-cellent Sounds
Fill plastic eggs with different materials: beans, rice, pennies, etc.
Tape the eggs shut.
Allow your little ones to shake, rattle & roll the eggs to hear the different tones.

~Make your own rhythm band/song
~Turn it in to a guessing game to figure out what is hiding inside each egg

Shannon expands on this idea with her post on Montessori Sound Eggs. Amber at Hey, I'm Just the Nanny also shared her sound cylinders in What's that Sound.


  1. great stuff! I'm sure my girls will enjoy trying some of these!

    Would Christian Easter ideas be something y'all would post? I don't have any simple ones up my sleeve, but I sure would like some!

    I think we will be trying the rythm eggs today.

  2. Wow! Such a wealth of information and great ideas as always! I've got to write them down!

  3. I favorited Denise's activity. So colorful and fun!

  4. Great ideas!

    Does anyone know where to find those little plastic tweezers?

  5. the Apples for Teachers link is broken.

    Thanks for all the great info!

  6. There may be an easier solution for finding small plastic tweezers, but we got ours with a small bag of "Glow in the Dark Gummy Worms" at Walgreens.

  7. LOVE the activites geared toward toddlers! We will be doing many of these!

  8. thank you so much for featuring my blog, I always come back to see what you have. Also I have left an award for you in my blog Thanks for everything you share with us :)

  9. Thank you so much for the great ideas! I made the baby chick eggs matching game in the egg carton. It turned out really cute! You can see it on my blog! Keep the great ideas coming!

  10. This activity is just adorable! We'll be doing this next year for sure!