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Friday, April 17, 2009

Letter A Activities

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Welcome to our First Fun with Letters Friday! We are excited to share fun activities to help your young learner learn about the alphabet. We'll be going in ABC order to help simplify things for everyone and we hope you'll send us some of your great activities for the letter B!

Emily at A Year of Balance made a Letter A collage with her son. He enjoyed gluing all the different sized, shapes and colored a's. She helped him, by guiding his hand as they put the glue in the shape of upper and lower case a.

A is for Ants

Just For Fun made antsy A's.

You could also make an egg carton ant.

Make Ants on a Log for snack time.

Ramblings of a Crazy Woman combines ants and our next letter A theme in her Ants and Apples activity.

A is for Apple
A theme often taught along with the letter A is Apples. Melanie and her daughter made a a counting book based on the book 10 Apples on Top. We think any child would enjoy reading and rereading this book with familiar family faces.

They also made their own apple tree after going apple picking.

Letters Numbers and Books Oh My made these cute A Apple trees. She also forms an A out of popsicle sticks, and has an idea for an A sound box.

Make a Letter A word and picture poster: cut an apple shape out of red paper. Write Aa in the center. Find pictures of words that begin with letter A and glue on. You can give your child clip art and have him or her cut out the A words, make sure you add some pictures of things that DON'T begin with A on the sheet. You can place the completed poster in your writing center.

Here is a My Apple Alphabet and I like Apples emergent reader you can print out from Kinder Printables. They also have several apple themed printables you can print out to use with this theme.

Print out a full color free little book, The Apple Tree.

Making Learning Fun also has a few apple themed printable emergent readers: Apple Life Cycle, Apple Pie, Five Apples on Top, and Apple Colors.

Find two free apple file folder games, here.

Make a necklace out of Apple Jacks cereal.

Show your children an apple and have them guess how many seeds are inside. Make a chart using grid paper with each person guess. Cut an apple in half and count the seeds.

Cut an apple in half and use it to make apple prints.

The Virtual Vine has a very nice Apple Pickin' Time and Johnny Appleseed theme as does KinderKorner at A is for Apple, and so does Mrs. Nelson at her Apple Unit. Making Learning Fun also has numerous apple ideas.

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  1. I just found your site yesterday through another blog and think you have lots of cute ideas. I had to add you to my google reader right away!

    We are working on ABC books too. We just finished letter F yesterday. We are working in ABC order.

  2. Thanks again for sharing so many great ideas! Even as parents we need to "borrow" ideas and learn from one another. Isn't the internet a blessing for teaching us parents how to teach our children?

  3. Thanks for linking this. You shared so many great ideas.

  4. Just love the great activities for letter A. I'm anxious to start them with my girls.