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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Special: Play Dough Recipes

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WHY Play Dough???
~Builds fine motor muscles necessary for holding a pencil, buttoning, zipping, and opening.
~Great for practicing the safe uses of scissors
~Helps sensory development
~Encourages language skills
~By adding simple props (plastic animals, cutters, cars) to the play dough station you can help build imagination
~Provides a calm social-emotional experience - Stress Relief results from the pounding & squishing!

e beanstalk features a colorful set of dough tools which would make for lots of play dough texture fun!

This chocolate playdough from A Foothill Home Companion looks good enough to eat!

My Family Loves It shares recipes for Coffee Playdough and Chocolate Peanut Butter Playdough

Green and Crunchy has a recipe for Homemade Organic Recipe & a picture by picture tutorial.

Use your homemade playdough for this explosive home science experiment...sounds scary doesn't it! It really isn't! Check out the playdough volcanos at Her Cup Overfloweth.

Filth Wizardry has some fun ideas for a playdough bakery. Who knew playdough could be turned into such realistic play food? A fun activity for imaginative play.

3 bay b chicks shares 3 different edible play dough recipes: kool aid, jello, and "Jon & Kate" play dough.

If all these yummy flavored playdoughs have you thinking more about baking than playing try this recipe for Playdough Cookies from Saucy Eats!

There is some debate about whether or not "edible" play dough sends children a mixed message. What do you think? We'd love your comments on this topic.


  1. Since my 2 yo has sensory issues and still mouths a lot, we stay away from food scented/edible things like play doughs and paints...someday though!!

  2. We love homemade playdoh here I have lots posted on my blog!

  3. Aside from peanut butter playdough, most "edible" playdoughs have so much salt that you wouldn't want to eat them. It's just nice to have them homemade because then you know that if a little guy does eat it it won't hurt him. Instead of making playdough for my kids to actually eat, we prefer to make bread doughs and such for them to see that you do have to knead and pound some foods so that they taste good, OH I see a science experiment coming on! Make 2 bread doughs and knead one and not the other to see what happens.

  4. BTW, our favorite playdough to play with (not eat) is Kool-Aide playdough. It smells so nice and has a pretty color. Plus I like the fact that you don't have to use boiling water and that way the kiddos are able to get their hands in it right away to see the different stages of mixing.

  5. Talk about a sticky wicket! I don't use food stuffs for play -- to expensive, wastefull, and sends the wrong message IMO. BUT, homemade trumps storebought playdough for costs and availability. Perhaps the better message is creativity, affordability, and respect?

  6. hmmmm? they look yummy to me! using food items for play/learning has always sent mixed messages. i have done it but understand where certain people are coming from. the thing that got me was that "there are other countries that have no food, yet we let our children play with it and make art with it; appears to make us americans seem really wasteful" (this is what someone told me once before)

    my thought is... kids try to eat playdough anyway at a young age; so i don't mind them using edible playdough!

    sorry for the rant.... (lol)


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  8. On the edible topic, my kids love the various types of smells and textures. They start playing with playdough as early as 1. I show them how to play with it and am with them the entire time, so it's not a big deal. I just distract them with a cool animal I made with it when I see it starting to head towards their mouths!

    Thanks for sharing these great playdough recipes!

  9. Thanks for the playdough recipe. I love homemade playdough for the kids because it gives me much more peace of mind rather than that store bought toxic play doh!