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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Special: Sewing Cards

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Sewing and lacing cards are a good way to develop fine motor skills and hand eye coordination skills. Choose fun shapes and interesting illustrations and they'll also keep your child happily occupied too!

Kids Sewing Projects site will link you to a resource for printing your own alphabet sewing cards. You can also find large alphabet printables perfect for tracing onto foam craft sheet for making your own letter shaped lacing cards here. These would be suitable for many different alphabet activities.

Mandy at Doodle's Place has come up with a clever "needle" to go with her sewing cards.

Bella Dia has a set of 5 adorable vintage sewing cards available as FREE downloads.

Katie's Nesting Spot suggests saving old greeting cards, gluing the closed, punching holes, and then using them as lacing cards.

If you'd prefer to make your lacing cards out of fabric, Dyeing to Knit has an embroidered owl lacing tutorial. Her four year old twins are enjoying learning how to sew and the end result is really precious.

Today's Giveaway:
Our Sewing Cards Kit Giveaway is a nice activity for quietly passing time & fine motor practice.
It Includes:
~Foam sewing cards of many shapes and colors
~8 Sewing Strings
~A handmade storage bag
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  1. WOW! I can't believe you are able to have giveaways daily! Your readers love it! We are blessed!

    I really liked this post. I plan to make some foam sewers for Meghan. I never liked just taping the yarn...the pipe cleaner is BRILLIANT! THANK YOU!

  2. my fave hobby is reading or painting so yep i'm teaching my LO's!

    Also for cute lacing cards go to:

    they are adorable and they are FREE!!!

  3. I have your link on my sidebar

  4. That pipe cleaner sewing needle is a great idea. My mom bought Bear the Melissa and Doug sewing cards, but I love these ideas for homemade ones.

    My favorite hobbies are reading, sewing, painting and drawing and I am definitely sharing those with Bear.

  5. I am a follower (as the girl who painted trees).

  6. Thanks again for another set of cool links. I've been meaning to make some of these for my son. The needle idea is great!
    I like to sew and tie dye. I am planning on including my son as soon as he gets a bit older. The tie dyeing will be a big hit, I'm sure, because of the mess factor. lol.

  7. I love to read! I always read to my sibling and to the kids I sit for... We also do a lot of painting on canvas together

  8. My favorite hobby is quilting, and I hope my son will enjoy a bit of it -- or at least learn to let mom enjoy a bit of it! I have a bag of juvenile fabric print scraps that I let him unpack and play with, and I also made him an "ispy" quilt with all different fun fabrics to look and match up to others. He's too young to sew yet, but some day I'll let him push the pedal and sit on my knee.

  9. I have your button on my blog.

  10. I like to knit. I am also planning to teach my kids how to knit maybe in 2 or 3 years. Right now, I just want them to get used to seeing lots of yarn and needles in my hands.

  11. I would have said my favorite hobby is scrapbooking, but I only do that 2 times a year now! So now my favorite hobby is cooking for my family and friends, and yes, I get my little one involved. She gets to measure, pour, and sample for me :) We are ALWAYS in the kitchen.
    I love your giveaways. I looove kits!

  12. I have your link on my sidebar. Earlier, I forgot to say my favorite hobby is reading. My oldest, 2, already loves books and my baby shows an interest too!

  13. My favorite hobby is gardening and I've included all of my chikdren siince they were very small.

  14. I just tweeted about your giveaway.

  15. And I follow you on Googlereader.

  16. Hi, My favorite hobby is papercrafting either cards or scrapbooking.

    I have a 2 year old little guy who lvoes to be in Mamma's stamp room. Anytime I go there to stamp or scrap he is right behind me. I give him paper and we talk about the color then he practices cutting the papper into little pieces. Or if he is not interested in cutting then he colors the paper to make his own cards. It is very cute. One day I hope he and his sister join me in making cards.

    I do not know what "send us a submission is" Is that a picture of my hobby?

    I will become a follower now and add your button!

  17. guess I should have seperated the entries. I am now a follower.

  18. I am adding your button now! I am really excited to see what projects I can begin with my kids!

  19. I have some of the Melissa and Doug sewing cards. My boys have not gotten the hang of it yet. I think the string is a little long for them. Maybe I will try making some of my own. Thanks for the idea.

    Also, one of my favorite hobbies is baking my boys all love to cook!

  20. What a great blog. My hobby right now is . . . reading. And two of my girls finally figured it out. We will be reading more around here.

  21. Your button is proudly displayed on my blog!

  22. I love Mandy's idea of using a pipe cleaner for the 'needle.' Now i'm off to create my own cards!