ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Daily Whisper Affirmation Cards Review and Giveaway PLUS Picnic Table Talk: Encouraging Others

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Daily Whisper Affirmation Cards Review and Giveaway PLUS Picnic Table Talk: Encouraging Others

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Hello Picnic Table Talk participants!

Today we are talking about ways we can encourage our children, family, and friends for our collaborative Picnic Table talk and we wanted to share a way to encourage children that we discovered for our contribution.

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Congratulations to comment #6 Annette! You're our winner of the Daily Affirmation Cards!

Back when we first started thinking about doing a Prize Picnic promotion for the summer one of the first businesses we came across was today's sponsor, The Daily Whisper. We immediately liked her colorful, whimsical, and positive affirmation cards. We liked how they helped kids begin to have positive self talk and believe in themselves. We thought they were a great tool to teach something that can be difficult to teach in a concrete method.

One of the most powerful tools we can teach our children is how to be positive in the face of adversary and tribulations. One way is to help them have an overall sunny outlook on life. If they believe strongly in themselves they will have an important tool to help them persevere through tough times. But how do we teach that? Is it enough to give them lots of praise and support or are there directed ways to instill this in our child? That's where the Daily Whisper's Affirmation Cards come into play.

Barbara the artist behind the cards sent us the following thoughts on her product and why she thinks they are so important and ways you can use them with your children.

How powerful are our thoughts?
Do you speak to yourself in a positive and loving way?
Are your beliefs holding you back or moving you forward?

Daily Whisper Affirmation cards are designed to help us talk to ourselves in a positive way. Did you know our subconscious mind says “yes” to whatever you tell it? If we say “I AM Smart” or I AM Stupid”, each will become a belief, if we say it often enough.

To break the pattern of negative self talk, read the simple statements on the
Daily Whisper Affirmation cards many times throughout the day. The positive statements on the card will override your old negative beliefs and allow you to enjoy a more positive and happy future.

Children are all different. Some are born with high self-esteem while others are born with low self-esteem. It is believed that a person has to earn their self-esteem on their own. In other words, as parents we can’t penetrate this belief with our love and praise. Our children have to find a way to change their self belief by themselves. Their self talk or
Daily Whisper needs to be altered. But how, as parents can we help our children with this life changing re-programming?We can help in many ways. We can find something for our child to do that they excel in. Maybe that is swimming, tennis, soccer, baseball, artwork, sewing or many other activities that bring a smile to their face and a feeling of importance to their minds.

Another way is to give them tools to help re-direct their secret dialog.
Daily Whisper Affirmation Cards for Children were designed to encourage children to talk to themselves in a positive way. Did you know our subconscious mind says “yes” to whatever we tell it? If we say “I AM Smart” or I AM Stupid”, each will become a belief, if we say it often enough.

The Daily Whisper Affirmation Cards can be used in many ways. They can be read daily by choosing one card that fits the mood of the day. If your child had a conflict with a bully at school the affirmation card that states “I am not afraid of bullies” may be the perfect answer. If the child feels lonely in a large family maybe the perfect choice is “I AM an important part of my family”.
A young child who is not able to read may enjoy the pictures and ask siblings or parents to read the statements. This is a wonderful learning tool because it will teach the child to talk nicely and it may be a good reminder for the person reading the card as well!

As parents we need to stay proactive in our children’s lives. Whether you have a child with low or high self-esteem, the
Daily Whisper Affirmation Cards for Children are a wonderful tool to teach our children to speak kindly to themselves in their Daily Whisper.

Jump Start a Brighter Outlook on Life!

Looking for ways encourage your child and way to help him or her develop positive self talk? Visit the Daily Whisper and purchase a set of Affirmation Cards for Children, at only $8 a pack they are a wonderful way to help get your child develop a positive outlook on life! Barbara has several other fun and unique products and pieces of art that will make your smile so look around while you're there!

Barbara's Affirmation Cards are printed on thick card stock and feature her own original illustrations, you can view the cards included in the pictures above. They are laminated for durability and the corners have been rounded so there are no sharp edges. Your child can carry these around with them and look at it throughout the day many times and it will hold up to repeated handling.

Their business card size means that they can be discretely carried around and easily brought to school in a pocket. Your child can refer to an Affirmation Card and get a little pep "talk" from mom or dad by looking at it throughout the day and begin positive self talk at the same time.

My three year old has taken to carrying the cards around in her purse, she calls them her credit cards and asks us to read them to her throughout the day during play. I like how she's "purchasing" positive feedback from me. I can't stress enough how much the lamination really helps keep the cards looking beautiful and has helped the cards withstood frequent use from a toddler. Her personal favorites are the reading dog "I enjoy reading" and the smiling flower "I AM loved and very lovable" cards. After I read the flower one to her, she always says, "Yes I am," and gives me a big hug. I have to say sometimes the affirmation cards have also been reminder to me too to think positively about myself too!

Giveaway: {now closed}

The Daily Whisper is giving a set of Daily Affirmation Cards to one of our readers!

To Enter:

Visit the Daily Whisper at Etsy or on her personal artist site and tell us which product she carries you like most, were most inspired by, or give us a suggestion for product for her to add to her line. Do this and then any extra entries.

This giveaway has been extended and is open to all of our readers worldwide. Please continue to enter! Good luck!

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Visit the Daily Whisper Blog, leave her a comment on any post but make it meaningful and give her some feedback. Leave us a link to the post you comment on.

Follow the Daily Whisper Blog, please note it is not on Blogger so you will need to go into your Dashboard and hand enter it into your list of blogs that you follow.

Leave us a suggestion for a new affirmation for the Daily Whisper add to the package to encourage kids at home, school, or extra curricular activities.

Tell us how you encourage your children or family members {or} tell us how someone has encouraged you.

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  1. MY favorite products at the Daily Whisper are her affirmation cards and the bird prints (original artwork) on her website. I would love these little self esteem boosters for my daughter. She's learning that there can be some mean girls out there in the world and I'm trying to give her the tools to handle what life throws at her.

    New Affirmations:
    "You are an artist!"
    "You are musical!"
    "You are a dancer!"

    MaryLea (aka Pink and Green Mama)

  2. I absolutely LOVE the believe picture. It is so beautiful and touching. Although that is my fave I have a soft spot for the snowman, too. My daughter LOVES snowmen, so I have to add that! ;)

  3. I left her a comment here:

  4. I think that it has become obvious for my husband and I that we definitely DO encourage our daughter in her day-to-day life. This has become obvious to us now because she (at 2-1/2) has started responding to US when we do things correctly by saying stuff like, "Good job, Mommy!" and "Yay, Daddy!"

    So I guess we are truly doing an OK job! ;)

  5. My favorite was probably "graffiti." It just sums up how we should live our lives!

  6. I also left a post on Opey.

  7. I love the snowman print and the daily affirmation cards. Cute stuff!!

  8. I left a post here:

  9. I adore the i believe, but think affermiations are great - I use them for myself, so why not for children. I believe in the wonder of the child and that they can be anything they chose to be. Oh the joy

  10. I loved the "you are loved" fairy. I think it is very cute! And great that she would put the child's name on it!

  11. Your affirmation cards are not only beautiful, they're just what I needed to hear! What powerful and loving nudgings to turn our awareness right side up again. Thank you! You have inspired me greatly.. I will use this affirmation to steer me as I work through clearing and organizing at home (and at work). Blessings to you always..