ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Kid and Parent Made Books

Monday, August 3, 2009

Kid and Parent Made Books

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Today we are pleased to highlight ideas for making your own books, these are great fun for kids to read especially as most are personalized in some way. Kid made books are also great extension activities for literature and can be used as evaluation tools too. At the end of a unit, a good way to check for comprehension is to have your child their own book and share their knowledge. True mastery of concepts can be shown through being able to synthesize information and reproduce it in your own words.

Jedda from This Little Project shares a how to tutorial with pictures on how to make a little book out of one sheet of paper. She notes that. "We've used it to make books of lots of things: the 5 senses, places, stories, Father's Day things we love about you, etc."
Beth at From the Hive shows us two styles of books she made for letterboxing and for autographs.

Anne at Teaching Two shared a great idea for a friends counting book that incorporates simple addition problems.
Nannygoat made this very fun picture matching book.

Make your own book inspired by The Hungry Caterpillar with Sharon's from Teaching Tiny Tot's idea.

Keri from The Home Teacher has several ideas for mommy made books, like this color one. Be sure to scroll down through all the related posts so you can see her ideas like colors at the zoo, and snag the download she made for it.

Michelle at A Mommy's Adventures created a simple book out of special greeting cards her daughter received. Now they can be enjoyed over and over!

Michelle also made this fun foot book, inspired by the Dr. Seuss classic.

Ticia from Adventures in Mommydom and her kids made a Texas book and she's included a downloadable version for you too!

They've also been hard at work on a Nursery Rhyme book that features classic ones like Three Little Kittens.

AND they've made a Monster Book, check out Ticia's blog for the printable she's made.