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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eebee's Adventure's Review and Giveaway

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We know that many of you have been waiting for this review and giveaway since our Saturday Spotlight on eebees adventures last month. Now we'd like to share with you a little bit about their great line of DVDs, winners of 15 national parenting awards.Recently my daughter and I had an opportunity to watch all three DVDS and from a professional early childhood teacher's aspect I found them to be an excellent resource. I often had parents asking me what they should be doing with their children. They wanted ideas and direction. I'd give them handouts with descriptions and ideas but you know that saying a picture is worth a thousand words? These videos illustrated perfectly many of the concepts and ideas I was trying to communicate with my parents. With a full classroom it was hard to model for each and every family how to interact with their children in order to get the most language and teachable moments out of them. If I was currently teaching, I would definitely refer them to these eebee's adventure's DVDs.

Basically, each 75 minute video is set up to make you feel like you're watching a play group. There's a "teacher" or "parent" who you watch playing with eebee the puppet. You also see real kids playing and doing too. Together, they show parents exactly how they can turn everyday play and exploration into learning opportunities for their children. I thought it did an excellent job modeling how to engage your child and get them involved with you. It gives parents ideas on how to encourage active learning by doing. A short description of each DVD from eebee's adventures follows:In this series of adventures, EXPLORING REAL STUFF, eebee and playmates explore a range of materials and everyday objects with the simple and enticing goal of finding out what these things are like. “What do things feel like?” “What sounds do they make?” “How do they move?” “Are they heavy or light?” “What can I do to them?” These are just a few of the questions eebee and friends actively take on.

Brimming with Ideas sets the adventure among tubs of cereal and grains, adding bowls, scoops, and funnels to enrich the possibilities.

In Out of the Box, a paper mountain and a cardboard box encourage infant “science,” “math,” and creative explorations.

And different balls, tubes, ramps, blocks and even a tissue box lead eebee and babies to discoveries about rolling, slipping and sliding in On a Roll.

The many teachable, unplanned and unscripted learning moments that fill a baby’s day are the inspiration for ALL IN A DAY’S PLAY. No matter how ordinary the materials or the situation might seem, for a baby, the possibilities are anything but.

Laundry List, an adventure set in and around a laundry basket, features eebee in a world of colors, textures, and language explorations. From peek-a-boo to talking socks, from baby basketball to laundry basket sailboat, the list of ideas to explore can get long (and short, soft, stretchy, and even see-through.)

Just You & Me, a collection of mini-adventures, designed for a baby, grown-up and only the most basic materials, demonstrate that babies learn in the simplest situations: figuring out what will happen in game of “elevator” or “airplane;” hearing the same story read different ways; or playing silly games that reinforce social, emotional and cognitive skills.

Cups, bowls, pots, pans, and spoons are the central props eebee and babies rely on in Little Objects, Big Ideas. Putting things in and taking them out and hearing the sounds they make as they drop, move or meet one another, lead to musical exploration and some new ideas about containers and “the contained.”

Reflecting the day to day challenges and discoveries that define a toddler’s world, FIGURING THINGS OUT showcases what can happen when a child’s newfound motor skills support her natural curiosity and interest in making things work and achieving goals.

Turning a light on and off, tracking a flashlight’s beam, and exploring the magic of playing with shadows are the focus of The Light Bulb Goes On adventure.

In Blocks and Tackling Ideas, creating (and crashing!) towers, laying rows, stacking cups and fitting different pieces together lead to a range physical, cognitive, social and creative skill building activities.

And in On the Go, a mountain of pillows, and a room full of obstacles to get over, under, around and through set the scene for an adventure that celebrates the ups and downs, ins and outs of getting where and what you want.

Each video includes bonus features with helpful parenting information: Play by Play Guides with expert commentary on every adventure, a developmental perspective, a mini music and movement adventure called eebee's beat, and song selections. I think these DVDs provide a good substitute for the content found in many parenting books; it might be better delivered and more accessible for many busy parents through these videos. You see what to do and then do it right away with your child. I think many parents are unsure as to what they can do with a baby, these DVDs give concrete and specific ideas and are supported by a lot of research. Want to see for yourself? Purchase and try one of their DVD's from their website.

Win It!
Get a set of all 3 eebee's adventure's on DVD, a $48.45 retail value!

Go over to eebee's adventures and visit their parent info section. Take a look at the idea section, tell us which one would be your child's favorite and why.

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Disclaimer: Thank you to eebee's adventures for providing the review and giveaway materials. This review relates my experiences with the DVDs and opinions; these were not influenced by the sponsor. Your experience with them may differ.


  1. I had never heard of Eebee before! I really like the hand puppet!

  2. I think the hand puppets would be fun to add to the activity.

  3. I like the Eebee adventure mat. Just the perfect thing for a little one learning to scoot around!

  4. I have your button at

  5. I would love to get eebee's Bowl Me Over Set. Right now, my son and have been using plastic milk jugs. Unfortunately, just today he pulled out a milk jug from the trash...not good.

  6. I have your button on my rotating Tot Sites, left column.

  7. Aaron's favorite would be the kitchen band...He is always trying to find a chance to bang one of my spoons on a bowl. He loves that activity!

  8. I posted about this giveaway and left links to your blog and to eebee's adventures

  9. I totally agree with eebee's philosophy...I had to chuckle at the statement of a child persisting at a goal and sticking to a task...this is my Aaron. He will work and work at something until he figures it matter how long it takes him!

    This was my first time to hear of these dvd's...they make sense to me. I would love to be able to check them out and thank you so much for the chance at winning them!

  10. We already do the "La la la language" by talking to our baby all the time, and he loves it! I bet he'd like the at home kitchen band, too, because he loves music.

    mothergreenest (aT] gmail {d0T) com

  11. I am pregnant with my first child right now but can only imagine what he/she may like about the videos especially the making music or dress up part.

    jamie @ suburban saving

  12. I follow eebeebaby on twitter, @suburbansaving

  13. My little one would like the Containers and little stuff she loves taking things in and out of containers!

  14. I follow you

  15. I have your button

  16. containers and stuff - my kids love hauling stuff around in boxes, purses, etc.