ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Summer Themed Activities and Field Trips

Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Themed Activities and Field Trips

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Field Trip
Dig for Diamonds at Crater State Park. This is the only working diamond mine in the USA.

Of Cabbages and Kings submitted her idea for making Summer Busy Jars.
These are altered paint cans, filled with slips of paper featuring ideas of things to do to stay busy.

Make an outdoor mess with Brandy's spray, squirt, and splatter paint.
Make a summer sunshine with inspiration from Nicole at Tired, Need Sleep.
Jedda from This Little Project shares a fun idea for using magnetic letters to make a message from the sun. Place your message on the paper, leave out in the sun, and find your message later!

Try the summer word puzzle featured on KizClub.
Here's a Summer Prize Picnic heads up!
This week's Picnic Table Talk is all about WRITING!

~How do you practice writing with your children?
~What inspires you to write?
~Do you enjoy writing? About What? Why?
~What is the difference between teaching writing and printing to you?
~What are your favorite writing utensils?

We'd love to hear all about your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, ideas, and activites that have to do with writing!


  1. Great ideas. We will have to do the message in the sun project!

  2. love all the ideas! i have seen those altered paint cans sold around here at craft fairs for $25 a piece!!! i should make those!

  3. love these ideas--you two do such a great job of compiling awesome activities and resources!!