ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Outer Space and Constellation Activities

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Outer Space and Constellation Activities

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Make Magic Moon Paint with this suggestion from Live, Learn, Love.

Mind Games found a very creative use for an old appliance box. They put together a fabulous indoor planetarium.
Teaching Two teaches you how to create wax paper moon pictures.
Meninheira shared a great unit full of ideas with us. They are listed below. Her blog is not written in English, but her great pictures usually speak for themselves. She also mentioned that you may use the Google translator to translate the Galician language into English. Enjoy!
~Space Lapbook
~Embroidery Constellations
~Moon Designs with Microwave Paint
~A Space Mural
~Pringles Space Rockets

Observe the sky with a Sky Map found on Bright Hub.

Play Scholastic's Online Outer Space Math Hunt. has an article of outer space activities to do at home.

Make a dry ice Comet with the instructions from ProTeacher.

Simple to make and stellar to look at - make a Star Garland with the tips from Frugal Family Fun.

Crayola shares a Constellations in Outer Space art project.

How Stuff Works has an article titled The Incredible Universe filled with activities for learning about stars and space.

Create foil constellations with the instructions from Hands On Crafts for Kids.


  1. These are really great ideas and seem pretty easy to do!

    ~ Jennifer

  2. Thanks for your beautiful words to me :) My blog is in Galician languague but you can use the (terrible) translator from google :D

    A big hug from Spain to all of you :)

    (the link to the project to Valerie -Frugal Family- don't work)

  3. Fabulous ideas!! Thanks for featuring us and the others. We love ABC and 123!

    Congrats on 400 followers!

  4. Cute! I love that Pringles can space ship.