ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: The Letter I

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Letter I

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I is for Ice Cream

Our Homeschool Fun has a recipe for making ice cream in a bag.

Homeschool Creations has a clever I is for Inchworm art project & and Igloo ABC book.

Play I spy

Check out DTLK's letter I crafts for Kids.

I is for Igloos
Read An Igloo on the Lake by Marian Moore.
Build model igloos out of sugar cubes.
Make an ice crystal lantern

I is for Insects

Make an Insect book with this free printable.

Create fingerprint insects with ink pads.

I is for Imagination

I is for Ice Skates

I is for Island: Crafts & Activities
I is for Iquanas

I is for Illustrations

Italian Ice
Ice Cream
Iced Tea
Idaho Potatoes
Iceberg Lettuce

Sing an I Song
Do You Know the Ice Cream Man (to the tune of Muffin Man)
Letter I Song (to the tune of John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt)


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