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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Life Skill of the Month: Joy

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- A source or object of pleasure or satisfaction

- To be glad, excite, exhult, or enjoy

As parents we've probably all realized that we are not able to make & keep our children happy all the time. That wouldn't be realistic or healthy. However, we likely all desire to teach our children to be Joyful despite their circumstances.

Start Talking About JOY

What's the difference between happiness and joy?

What makes you happy?

What brings you joy?

Tell about a person you brings you joy. How?

What have you done this week to make someone else happy?

What types of actions make you feel joyful?

Teach your child about JOY

~Write a letter to someone who is positive and thank them for their example

~Feel Joy by sharing Joy with random acts of kindness

~Write a personal and/or family recipe for joy

~Write your child a note about 10 Reasons he/she Brings You Joy

~Brainstorm a list of characteristics you notice in people who are full of Joy

~After you've discussed what brings you joy, as suggested in the first section, make a book of joyful things. You child can add his or her own personal drawings and together you can write captions. Start a Book of Joy and add it it frequently. It will be a handy reference to read and remind yourself how blessed you truely are☺

We'd love to know what gives you joy in your life? Leave us a happy thought or two and spread the sunshine around!

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  1. Great topic - we will use some of your conversation starters.