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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blowing Bubbles: Recipes, Activities, Books

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Blowing Bubbles
Margaret Hillert

Dip your pipe and gently blow.
Watch the tiny bubble grow
Big and bigger, round and fat,
and then

Tooter4Kids has a great collection of bubble blowing activities and art projects.

Storytime and More made special recipe bubbles and used them to make bubble art.

KinderArt has an inquiry lesson based on bubbles.

Perpetual Preschooler has a list of several different bubble art projects submitted by teachers and parents.

Step by Step has a list of fingerplays and songs about bubbles.

Coolest Kid Parties suggests several soap bubble games appropriate for a bubble party.

Check out this site dedicated to Homemade Bubble Solutions. There is a recipe here for everyone!

If you didn't find one you liked there, check out Fresno Family for more bubble recipes!

Creative Kids at Home shares how to make rainbow bubbles.

Thinking Fountain has an activity that teaches geometry with bubbles.

A baking soda Bubble Bomb is an interesting alternative to soap bubbles.

Xtreme Bubbles shares tips and hints for blowing the biggest, best-est bubbles

Did you know that you can make bubbles out of Karo Syrup?
Did you know that bubbles are the best on humid days?
Did you know that bubbles work best if you don't stir them?
Would you like to learn a bit about the physics of bubbles?

Bubblesphere will answer all sorts of questions you and your kids might have about bubbles.

One Pink Fish has a helpful post on making your own bubble wands

Make a Bubble Tea to drink while you enjoy blowing bubbles!

Books about Bubbles
Bubble, Bubble - Mercer Mayer
Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere - Melvin Berger and Dwight Kuhn
Bubbles, Rainbows, & Worms : science experiments - Sam Brown
Bubble Trouble - Mary Packard
Clifford Counts Bubbles - Norman Bridwell
Grandpa's Secret Potion - Holly Hartman
The Bubble Factory - Tomie dePaola
The Unbelievable Bubble Book - John Cassidy

Bubble Trouble
When I'm blowing a bubble,
it's always a sphere -
With a dipper that's square,
rounded bubbles appear.
With a three-sided dipper,
I still get round bubbles.
Blowing bubbly cubes
is giving me troubles!


  1. How fun! I love the bubble art idea.

  2. confession: for the longest time i thought that different shaped bubble wands would actually create bubbles of that shape! my husband just recently told me otherwise... totally "popped" my idea of shaped bubbles!