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Monday, July 13, 2009

Picnic Food: Watermelon

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What's a picnic without WATERMELON? Yum!
Gather your melon-y ideas in time for National Watermelon Day on August 3rd.

Academy at Thousand Oaks submitted a great Watermelon Unit complete with snacks and decorations! It is a must see!

Thanks to Denise for this fruity exploration: Counting Watermelon Seeds
Objective: developing number concepts

Find wonderful watermelon craft ideas on Preschool Education.

Sung to: "Are You Sleeping"
Watermelon, watermelon,
On the vine, on the vine,
Green and ripe and juicy,
Green and ripe and juicy,
Please be mine,
Please be mine.

Here are step by step instructions for how to make a watermelon bowl for your fruit salad.

Watermelon is good for me.
F-G-HIJI can eat it everyday.
P-Q-RSTRipe and very juicy
You will like it if you give it a try.
Watermelon is good for me.

Make Wiggly Watermelon Parfaits to bring to your picnic.

Fabulous Foods has a recipe for watermelon cookies.

Betty Crocker gives the step by step instructions for making an adorable watermelon cake.

Growing up, Ice Cream Watermelon Cake was a summer tradition for Katie from A List Maker's Life

Kay's cake looks and tastes like a watermelon!

Fresh Watermelon Salsa would be a unique addition to a picnic menu.

Anxious for the carving fun that October brings with pumpkins?

Haul out the carving tools now and make faces in watermelons.

Make 3D watermelons to display at your picnic.

Find games, books, crafts, facts, quizzes and more to create a Watermelon unit. has science lesson ideas, math quizzes, and more.

This week's Picnic Table Talk will be Imagination!
Post suggestions:
~How does your child play pretend?
~What types of toys and activities do you have to promote imagination?
~Why is it important for our children to play pretend?