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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sight Word Games

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This Wednesday is for the Words.
Sight Words, that is!

Summer vacation is a great break from the routines of the school year, but it is still essential to continue practicing reading skills. A fantastic way to keep your child reading and learning is by reviewing the all important sight word lists. Sight words are more fun to review with an interactive game or competition of some sort.

Sight words are high-frequency words that educators recommend beginner readers strive to instantly recognize. These words include “service” words like articles, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions and common verbs. For a more complete introduction to sight words you may be interested in this article.

For age appropriate word lists print these from Quiz Tree.

Here are a few sight word games to keep your children's skills sharp this summer.Kelly's Kindergarten has compiled a huge collection of make your own sight word games. Many of the games use characters familiar to preschool and elementary age children.
Little Giraffes explains how to play one of our family favorite sight word games, CRASH. There is also explanations for Sight Word Parking Lot, Fishing, Trashcan Ball, and more.

Work with your child on this collection of online Dolch Word Games.

Momma Snail has a fantastic idea for putting together Word Family Games. By practicing these word families children will be exposed to many key sight words.

Er-u-di-tion is a fun sight words game that introduces players to phonics and sight words. The game cards are categorized by color so that children with different skill levels can play together.

Watch for a complete review of this effective game coming soon to ABC & 123, along with your chance to win a game board of your own.

Er-u-d-tion's site also shares the Top Ten Sight Word Games on their site. The games, which are explained in detail on the sight, include: spelling bee, sentence contests, flashcards, bingo, word search, concentration, and more!


  1. When I was teaching the two most common games in our classroom: Go Fish and Memory (or Concentration). All it took was two copies of the words and you had a great game.

  2. Man I was late getting you some of the things I did with my older daughter when she was working on sight words. :(

  3. Great links.

    We have a sight words bingo game that Abby loves!

  4. I need to get my linkys in. Hopefully, tonight when the kiddos are asleep. Sorry, it's fire season so I'm alone most of the time- and tired!

    Wonderful ideas!

  5. Thank you for adding Mama Snail's word Family Game. I saw this posting on her blog a while ago. Today, I finally got the paint chips. I got everything out to work on them but couldn't remember where I saw the posting and I remembered I had seen it on your blog a few days ago. YIPPY! You saved me a big headache trying to find the posting again! ;-)

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