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Monday, July 20, 2009

Get Up and Move!

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Adventures with Kids sent in a link to a post with some great ways to teach and practice balancing.

Learning Objective - practise balances to continue developing their awareness of their body position in space and their ability to move around in different ways.

While over at Adventures with Kids, we also saw a great post on playing ball with your kids, things to do with bean bags, and also some fun things to do with balloons ranging from active things like playing volleyball with a balloon to art uses.

Mariel from Or So She Says shares ways to get fit with the whole family, with a guest post by Nichole. Mariel has also posted a collection of 10 ways to make healthy eating fun for kids. We especially like the food face plate she found.

Basia from United Teaching shares how to prepare an outdoor environment which encourages playing and learning.

Getting outdoors and heading to a local playground is a great way to spend a few hours during this time of year. It's also a good place to play Follow the Leader because there are so many different types of equipment found at many play structures. Have your child follow and mimic your actions. You can walk on a balance beam, crawl through tunnels, climb up ladders, run or walk up the stairs, cross the monkey bars, and go down slides. You'll find that this is also a good way to burn off calories for yourself too!

Don't forget to have some sprinkler fun this summer! They're tons of fun and can be very refreshing on a hot summer day. Your kids will be cooled off and you'll get to water the lawn at the same time. Water balloons are another fun summer time way to play with water and water balloon fights can be a very active sport indeed, in our experience a child will run a long time in order to try and get mom or dad all wet!

Making physical activity a part of daily life is so important and sets good habits for a life time. We'd love to know your family's favorite way to get everyone up and moving. At Katie's Nesting Spot, we like to take family walks with ER riding her tricycle after dinner when it begins to cool off. We all get some exercise and it's a nice opportunity for us to talk about our day and reconnect too.

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  1. we have found a fun new activity to get up and move! there is a community garden a couple blocks from our home!! we take walks there and pick some veggies to bring home to enjoy! its also neat for the boys to see the veggies grow over the summer and watch them change in size as well!! not to mention, it gets us out of the house!!!!