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Friday, July 17, 2009

Letter G Activities

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Last week we featured the great Summer Bridge workbooks for Carson Dellosa because we wanted to tell you about them before too much of the summer had gone by. Now that we've shared a great way to review key concepts over the break we're back to our Letter of the Week posting.

Letter G
The Preschool Corner on Homeschool Creations rounds up a great list of G activities: gingerbread, glitter, guitars, and more.

G is for gas station, garage, gross, groceries, gummy worms girlfriends and more! Check out the many great G suggestions on The Home Teacher. Perfect for your little guys (your girls too)!

The Home Teacher also shared a link to a resource she has put together for all things ABCs.

This page is for G.

G is for Games

G is for Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. This Little Project has some adorable snacks to accompany the story.

G is for Garden Markers

G is for grasshoppers, Grover, and geese.


  1. Those garden markers are so cute. The Grover reminds me of a Sesame Street book I had as a kid that had Grover making all of the letters with his body. It was so cute.

    Oh and Abby just looked at the computer and said that G is for Grandma!

  2. I like the different activities that both of you post here. It's a good help for us.

    Have a nice weekend.

  3. We got to "G" Day just a little too late to submit our project! Hopefully we will get our letters in on time for the rest of the alphabet =] Come see how our G for Giraffe turned out, though!