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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Let's Pretend

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Pretending benefits your children in many ways. Through pretending kids: find motivation to learn, develop essential skills, test their own ides, and explore with imagination.

Read more about child's play and how to encourage imagination.

"Young children learn by imagining and doing!"
Read more about the Importance of Pretending in this valuable article by Ellen Booth Church.
Valerie at Frugal Family Fun Blog shared how her family plays Animal Hospital, what fun and maybe there's a future veterinarian in training!

Find out how Michelle at Her Cup Overfloweth sets up their restaurant. You can also see their Bumble Bee Beauty Salon.

Adventures of a Flake shared a post about imagining with dress up play.

Valerie at Frugal Family Fun Blog provides us with suggestions for pretend play sets.

Play Activities encourages imagination with Guess This Nursery Rhyme

Find information and answers to imagination question here in a post about being Stuck on Pretend.

Read about ways to encourage role playing with boys in Still Stuck on Pretend!

Dandelion Mama encourages imagination with bed-sheet forts and play restaurant.

Angry Chicken suggests some objects and toys to add to the collection for pretend play.

Magic Onions encouraged imagination with so many of their activities. This Magical Fairy Letter encourages suspense and wonder.

Or perhaps you and your children will play pretend with your very own Gnome Feast.

Host a pretend birthday party-
Serve a pretend cake and party food can be made from play-doh and you can even use real unlit candles with it. Invite all the stuffed furry animals and all the dolls that live at your house to your party, perhaps even some real friends can come if they are visiting at the time.


  1. I was surprised to jump on your page and see my little Lu on your "pretend dress-up" that Adventures of a flake has some cute kids that play dress up at her house LOL :)

  2. Aw...I didn't get a chance to send this in, but I have a post about props for pretend play. There are links to free printables for a restaurant, library and store along with pictures of my idea for making pretend mail.

  3. How fun! My daughter pretty much pretend plays all day long! LOL!