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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chores for Children

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Getting in the busy back to school routine sometimes requires the kids to share more of the chore responsibilities athome as well. It is empowering for kids to feel successful when helping around the home, and teaches them very important life long skills. Here are a few suggestions for organizing your household chores and encouraging children to be involved.

My Little Gems made chore charts out of placemats. She gives great instructions on putting together your own.

Mom of 2 Dancers, and perhaps others, have discovered how to make work more fun with handipoints.

320 Sycamore shares how they used chore cards for the summer, which would be easily adaptable for school year responsibilities.

Making The World Cuter shares their system for organizing chores and allowance money.

The Idea Room has a clever idea for making a magnetic chore chart. Check out her site for photos.

Simple Mom has put together a chore chart for preschoolers. She shares the downloadable chart for free.

Button Makers also has a free Kids Chore Chart pdf available for download along with instructions on how to put it together.

Creating by Cami created the Ultimate Chore Chart out of laminated cardstock, fabric, and more. Cute and Colorful.

The Examiner gets kids excited about chores with a 3D flower pot chore chart.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain manages her busy household with a weekly chore schedule.

How Does She teaches the step by steps of making a chore chart that works for multiple kids in the same family.

Chores are fun - right??? Well, at least it looks like fun to put together the organizational system for assigning them!


  1. Cool looking Chore Charts. I just posted our yesterday.

  2. Wow! Thanks for putting all these great ideas in one place. We really need a chore system. Now the hard part is going to be choosing which one to implement!

  3. thanks so much for the shout out! I have been reading your blog just about everyday and sure love all the great ideas.
    btw-my blog is called "my little gems" not my gratitude attitudes-though that is the http... :) but I think you already know that -- no worries.
    Thanks again - I sure love all the great ideas on here :)

  4. We bought a chore chart from Barnes and Noble for 75% off. It was the Melissa & Doug chore chart. Nani loves trying to get her smiley faces for the day!

  5. Great looking chore charts! The chart with the key hooks is a similar chore chart I posted on my blog recently. Here is the link:

    I'm also your newest follower, Tracy Bua Smith at "A Slice of Smith Life". You have some great ideas on your blog!

    Come by for a visit and follow back it you'd like :)


  6. Thanks for the link! One thing I've learned about chores is that I'm always revising my system. As my kids are getting older I'm training them to do more of the work. I'm trying to work myself into a "manager" role. :D