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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just for Fun: Neat Things to Make For and With Your Kids

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Rainy day or got some extra time on your hands? Make an awesome printable city, courtesy of Made by Joel. On the post there are also links to where you can find vehicles and a helicopter.

There's more fun to be found on his blog so be sure you look around or you'll miss things like this match game with his cute quirky illustrations,a clever pick up game made of paper clips, marble run made out of an empty cereal box, and a lot more. It's worth the time to scroll through all of his archives, he is one cool dad!

At your next party, decorate your table with watercolored placemats, as seen on 2 Giggle Boxes. Sarah will walk you through step by step through the project.

We love the Family Fun Napkins tutorial at Hippos and Dinosaurs. What a great idea to turn drawings into something functional for everyday use!
We also like her placemat stationary holder, it's cute would make a great gift along with all the supplies need to write some letters. With a holder this fun, practicing writing a formal letter will be much more fun!

Your kids can also make their own monogramed stationary using a simple crayon resist method shared at Art Projects for Kids.


  1. Perfect timing! I've been wanting to make a new set of napkins and these'll be perfect! Thanks for the link.