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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Choosing the Right Book

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We all know how very important it is to read to kids. There are SO. MANY. wonderful books to choose from. Yet, sometimes stepping in to the bookstore or library presents too many options which makes it over whelming to pick out a few appropriate read alouds.
Today we are pleased to share the following list, from Bola Ajumobi, on the 7 Keys to Successfully Choosing the Right Book.
You might have heard that getting kids to read is a good thing. You are charged up to introduce the kids in your life to some good children's books. Here are seven things to consider when selecting a children's book, that way you get a book that your child relishes and picks up time and time again.

1. Age
The age of your child will help you determine the book format to pick.
Think cloth or rag books for babies. They put everything in their mouth. You want to get a book you can throw in the washing machine when soiled.

Bath books are also a good option as they are waterproof and will survive many messy spills and make bath time lots of fun.

Board books are best for toddlers. Kids in this age group are very active and may I replace the word destructive with curious. Paperback books will be ripped apart.

Don't be upset if your child tears apart a book, it's all part of the learning process.

2. Gender
Boys and girls are very different in how they learn and read. For most parts, language development comes earlier in girls. You might find a girl reading better than a boy initially. This often leads to boys being mislabeled as "reluctant readers"

3. Personality
Is your child a social butterfly, pick a light-hearted book. If you have an introverted kid, a mystery or adventure plot might be a better pick.
4. Hobbies
This is by far the best way to get a child interested in reading. Look to get a title on what piques their interest. If a boy loves trains or truck, get him a book on truck or trains. If your girl loves playing the princess part, get her a book with a princess theme.

5. Current Events in a Child's Life
Think milestones like graduation or puberty. Loss of a loved one or a beloved pet, adjusting to various life changes are various examples of what could cause stress for a child. A book on the relevant topic could bring solace.

6. Current World Events and Holidays
These events are teachable moments for a child. You may select books to open up discussion on ancestry or holidays.

7. Important Concepts
Are you working on potty training? Are you trying to instill manners? You can get them a book written in the language a child can easily grasp.
Once you've had a chance to think through each of these questions and suggestions browse over to Slimy Bookworm to search out just the right title to fit your criteria!


  1. Great, great, great post! As a former first grade teacher I can't say it enough...Great Post!

    Could I share this on our blog?


  2. This is really interesting take on the concept. If you have a flair for reading books often or even occasionally, you might sometimes get confused with the problem of choosing the right book to read. Thanks a lot...