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Monday, March 14, 2011

Play To Learn: Widgets

Welcome to this week’s Play To Learn series! Today we’re going to talk about Wedgits! We got these as a Christmas present this year and they’ve been a favorite in our house ever since!


Wedgits are a great way to stimulate your child’s imagination, creativity and logical thinking skills! The starter set comes with a base to help your creations stand up along with 15 various sized building pieces.


The pieces nest, stack, link and even wedge together! My kids have been fascinated with these things ever since we got them. We now have to rotate them so each day someone gets the Wedgits in their workboxes for the day!


While you can create almost anything you can think of with the blocks, the set also comes with a fun instruction manual with tons of 3D sculptures that kids can try to copy as well. This is particularly good for my preschooler. She is doing a wonderful job at replicating the pictures in the book.


Here are some more of our creations:


Here are some more fun Wedgits products:

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  1. Oh I love these. Where can I find them? I love toys that teach! I just wrote a post about Tinker Toys and how great they are for teaching.