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Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Author: Ezra Jack Keats

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Ezra Jack Keats was a Caldecott-winning author. The award winning book, The Snowy Day, is earned Keats acclaim as one of the most important authors and illustrators of the 20th Century. Keats, who died in 1983, is remembered today for his quality children's literature.

Check out the official Ezra Jack Keats foundation site for books, characters, awards, activities, and more.

Teaching Across the Curriculum Using Books by Ezra Jack Keats shares links to several activities and internet resources. has put together an introduction to Ezra Keats, as well as an introduction to some of his books.

Calico Cookie has put together a great author study for primary grade students focusing on Keats.

Mary Making put together a tribute lesson to Keats for her art class.

Going Crunchy shares a craft that accompanies Keat's book Snowy Day.

A Homeschooling Momma put together a first grade author study of Ezra Jack Keats.

Mrs. Connolly in the Classroom put together an author study of Keats for her second grade classroom. The wax harmonicas look like fun!

Storytime Sparks explains a Pet Show game/activity.

Books Authored and Illustrated by Keats:
A Letter to Amy
Apt. 3
Clementina's Cactus
My Dog is Lost!
The Snowy Day
Whistle for Willie
John Henry, An American Legend
Jennie's Hat
God is in the Mountain
Peter's Chair
Hi, Cat!
Pet Show!
Psst! Doggie!
Kitten for a Day
The Trip
Maggie and the Pirate
Louie's Search
Regards to the Man in the Moon
One Red Sun

Read more about the honors earned by, and memorials for, Ezra Jack Keats.


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