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Friday, March 25, 2011

Feature Yourself Friday: Meet Angie

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Hi, my name is Angie Kerrick and I work for the Child Care Council of Kentucky. We are a non-profit agency working with parents and providers to offer quality care to all children. In addition to the training hours we offer to child care providers we also work hard to get parents involved in their children’s educations. At the CCC we understand that parents truly are their child’s first teachers and they do not need a Master’s Degree or a million dollars to be involved. We have a campaign called “Kids Matter®” that was started in 2004 to raise awareness of issues affecting families and children around the world. The core values that the campaign promotes are: Education, Health/Nutrition, Family Involvement and Economic Development. As a portion of the core values we started our blog Kids Matter 1 in 2010.

If you stop by you will see lots of fun activities: On Mondays we focus on Monday Meanderings, which are where we find links focused on a particular subject to help parents searching online. On Tuesdays we focus on Tuesday Teachings, where we focus on a lesson plan idea for parents and teachers. On Wednesday we follow many blogs and have a Wordless Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday we are freer in our writing and bounce from one hot topic to another.

At the beginning of each month we try to post a “Family Fun Calendar” full of inexpensive or free ideas of things to do with your kids. Above is our March Family Fun Calendar for you.

Since lots of early childhood centers do not have a strong science curriculum we try to provide lots of science activities on our blog. At least once a month we encourage our families to have a Family Science Night and we post some experiments using everyday items. During the month of February we studied static electricity for our Family Science Night. Check out our other Science Activities here.

We also try to provide lots of great craft ideas. Here is one we did with the book Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Find our other crafts here.

We really encourage families to use inexpensive supplies to make educational toys/games for their kids. Felt is a supply that we use often. It is affordable and can be purchased just about anywhere. The picture above is a fishing game that not only can be used for color recognition but also counting skills.

In addition to the calendars, printables and general fun activities you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. We hope to see you soon. Kids Matter - Invest Early, Invest Often!


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