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Friday, March 18, 2011

Feature Yourself Friday: Meet Michelle

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Hi, My name is Michelle and I am a stay at home mommy to 2 beautiful little girls,
Emily (4 years) and Juliette (20 months). I started my blog A Mommy’s Adventures right after Emily turned 2, as a way to document all the things that we did together. It has turned into an amazing way to learn and share with others in the process, that I am so thankful for and feel blessed to be a part of!

If you stop by you will find all kinds of fun things going on, we are always up to something exciting!

First, we love to read and do art projects. I host stART ( a Story + Art = A Great stART) on my blog each Thursday. To participate all you have to do is post about a book that you read and a project to go with it! Come and check out all of the great books and amazing art projects that every one links up each week.

I host an Art Group at my house each week. One of my favorite units was our Color Wheel Project. Each week the kids collaged a different color on the color wheel and then did an open ended art project with that color. The finished product was an amazing Color Wheel Collage that we still have hanging up almost a year later!

We are always up to something crafty. Emily and Juliette love to color, paint and glue. Be sure to check out this fun Fruit Loop Rainbow and all the other different crafts that we have done together.

We also Love to bake, here we are working together to make Whoopie Pies. There are so many amazing learning experiences for a child in the kitchen so Emily is always in the kitchen helping me prepare something. Even Juliette (20 months) is starting to join us in the kitchen the is always asking to help dump something into the bowl. Of course she loves tasting too. You can see some of the different recipes that we love to follow together here.
We are always having fun while we are learning together. Both Emily and Juliette love playing with their friends, and going to Music Class, TOTSchool and Preschool at Sarah’s house. I usually post about our week Having Fun Learning. I like to include the books, games and activities that we do.

Both Emily and Juliette love Muffin Tin Monday and ask for it almost every day during the week. I have to say I love finding different foods to fill each muffin cup for a fun and healthy muffin tin meal. We are always looking for new supplies to add to our muffin tin stash, and sometimes we even use our Muffin Tin for muffins :0) Check out some of our Muffin Tin Meals here.

Come see all the fun things going on at A Mommy’s Adventures!! You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. A mommy's adventure is a sensational place for fun and inspiration!!!!

  2. Your daughters are just darling. I love your older girl's hair =) I will have to check out your Mommy adventures blog!

    Mrs. Ibarra

  3. I always love seeing the things Michelle does with her daughters!

  4. Thank you so excited to be featured here!