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Monday, September 14, 2009

All About Me Ideas

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This week for Management Monday we have a round up of All About Me activities appropriate for getting to know your new students and appreciating the unique personalities in each child.

Teaching Two suggests making All About Me paper dolls.

Tiffany at Rockin C put together an "All About Me" unit for an enrichment class. Her posts shares many of the visuals from the planned lessons.

Cindy Johnson sent some printable resources for practicing phone numbers, learning an address, drawing a family, and creating a book. She also sent a link to some fun All About Me songs and poems. (Note: We have heard that several of you are having difficulties with these links. We have looked in to them and are able to open them from this end, so we're not sure how to solve the problem for those of you who can not view them. It is possible it is a problem related to some browsers?? Very sorry!)

Learn all about your name by making a personalized name stamp. Annette gives the materials list and instructions on her blog.

Work with your child or students to put together a name game to practice important names of family and friends.


  1. Glad to see you were able to use some of the things I sent.

    Have an awesome day!

  2. Cindy, can you add the web address for the phone number and address link, because I can't seem to get them to open up.

  3. Thanks for including some of our ideas! The others are great, too!!

  4. Is anyone else having trouble opening up Cindy's links????

  5. Cute ideas, I like the personalized name stamps.

  6. I too was unable to open the phone & address links.

  7. I could not open the links but it looked cute.

  8. I can't see the Cindy Johnson's printables :(

  9. I tried Cindy's docs with 2 different browsers and they did not work :(

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