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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Community Helpers

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Welcome to the Community Helpers version of Thematic Thursday! Learning about the people and services that help keep a community running smoothly is an important part of social studies.

PreKinders has shared some colorful graphics and suggestions to assist in teaching about Community Helpers. Also within their Community Unit there are very helpful book lists , songs, and more.

Beth at Apples and Jammies shared her Community Helper's Unit, during which they made a map of the community. She also gives book suggestions and even a bible tie in.

No Time for Flashcards has several ideas for pretend activities that can help teach about the community:

Get traveling on the Foyer Airplane, when learning about airplane pilots.
Learn about bakers, by read Mr. Cookie Baker and then have fun making a puffy paint cookies and doing this sorting activity. Check out the rest of Monica Wellington's books, several would be good for other occupations.

No Time for Flashcards also has great ideas for a pretend Coffee Shop, making a Hospital out of box, kitchen grocery store, for making your own mailbox and a mini art musuem. All of these would make great extention ideas. You could also play to learn about the different occupations and then follow it up with a related field trip, like their trip to the Fire Station.
Community Helpers is one theme that definitely lends itselt to field trips! After all what better way learn about doctors, dentists, firemen, the police, postal workers, chefs, and all other workers who help us everyday then going and seeing them in action. One of the coolest community field trips we're heard about is when Teach Mama took her kids to the Supreme Court. While not everyone, okay most of us aren't likely to make it to the highest court of law in the US, many of us DO have access to local legal institutions. Don't forget this wonderful way to show you kids the legal system in use!

Don't forget that we're always looking to hear about the great field trips you've taken! Be sure to send us links to them so we can feature the day you took learning on the road!

Making Learning Fun has printables and activities to enhance and round out a Community Helper's Unit:

Mrs Nelson's Class has a Community Helper's Unit with many links for further resources like this Mail Carrier's Hat and a whole powerpoint presentation on the hats community helper wear. We especially like her idea for a Helping Hand's Wreath: make a wreath using hand shapes each one with a name of a community helper written on it and the related Helping Hand's Venn Diagram she provides for comparing and contrasting two different helpers. There is even a Helping Hands writing and drawing page you can use to make a book.


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