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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Apples, Apples, Everywhere!

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Apples are often synonymous with autumn and back to school and it looks like a lot of our members have been enjoying this popular seasonal theme. We'll also be featuring favorite cooking activities with apples tomorrow, so come back for some tasty ways to use apples!

And this Saturday will be our first Show and Tell Linky, we'd love for you to share your in the kitchen with kids posts. Any activity that incorates food, tips on making cooking with kids successful, or receipes that are kids friendly would be great ones to link up. You are of course, always welcome to link up any kind of post that you'd like to show us!

Maureen at Spell Outloud made up these very helpful apple pattern cards, using pictures she took herself! You can find the print out as well as several very useful links in her Everything Apples post.

You should also visit Spell Outloud to see how she incorporated apples into an activity to learn about technology.

Being primary teachers, we've seen A LOT of apple ideas, but this one is new to at least one of us! Aren't Beth's paper bag apple trees cute? We also like the apple stamped note cards and napkins that they made previously.

Jackie at Pocketful of Posies did several apple themed activities. They started with a Ten Red Apple's book activity, that would also translate well into a felt board retelling activity. They made apple prints and also used the apples to paint letter A's before enjoying peanut butter and apple slice sandwiches.

They also made paper scrap paper plate apples, and Jackie had a great idea to incorporate cutting practice into it. They laced around apple shapes and played a fun apple fishing game that practiced number recognition.

Mama Jenn shares this fun "Worms in My Apples" file folder game that teaching one to one correspondence. She got it from a great resource that Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot has personally used A LOT, Hubbard's Cupboard. There are several other apple related activities on the site, pictures of suggest activities we like and have used can be seen under The Fall of Man, scroll down to the bottom of the page under Related Resources for links to many of the printables used in the hands on activities.

Joann at Ten Kids and and Dog made this adorable seasonal handprint apple tree book with her kids, inspired by the book The Season of Arnold's Apple Tree. What a fun way to show the changing seasons.

Rachel at Quirky Momma used Muffin Tin Monday as a jumping off point for several apple related activities from counting, fractions, shapes, tastes, and textures. Head on over to Her Cup Overfloweth for many other apple inspired Muffin Tin's, it was the theme the week of September 14th.

Kristi at Run the Earth, Watch the Sky taught her daughter about the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) using this apple print activity. She also gives a good tip to use freezer paper so the paint doesn't bleed through. She also shares many other apple related activities such as comparing different types and using comparison language and shares her successes with their first dictation project. Kristi, we're glad to hear it went so well!

We love the happy faces on The Harris Family, shake those apples girls! Crystal also shares other fun projects, like one based on an apple tree originally on one of our founder's blogs. She also provides links to some fun related resources like the a apple puzzle and books she used.

Beth at Apples and Jammies, appropriate that she's contributed to this post don't you think, shared her apple unit. It's very well organized into content area, and we love this apple doll perfect for upcoming Halloween.

Root and Wings Co. had a great idea for an apple themed bulletin board with a twist. Each child will get to add something that they are looking forward to during the coming year, add it to an apple, and then to the display. This is away to show our children, that they can to choose to be happy. Great idea!

More great apple units can be found at:
K-Crew, Apples Unit
Kinder Korner, A is for Apple
The Virtual Vine, Apple Pickin' Time

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  1. Those are all great activities! We made apple prints once and they were so cute.