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Friday, September 25, 2009

Kids in the Kitchen: Apple Recipes

Welcome to ABC & 123: A Learning Cooperative.

Today's Fun Friday with Kids in the Kitchen has a seasonal flavor. We're talking apple recipes!

If you have other delicious apple ideas you make with your family, please post it and be ready to link up to tomorrow's Show and Tell Saturday!

Family Fun has a bushel of apple recipes for: breakfasts, sauces, snacks, desserts, and more!

Make them smile with some apple smiles, like at Katie's Nesting Spot.

Beth at From the Hive shares this super simple 3 ingredient apple dip, sounds quick and yummy!

Susana from Our Homeschool Fun was also inspired by Muffin Tin Monday to make mini muffin tin apple pies. We bet they were delicious and the apple party picks stuck in some of them are really fun! Find her post with the recipe, here.

National Network for Child Care has posted an Apple Cookie recipe. They also have a unique recipe for Apple Pudding.

Caramel Apples are typically a fall favorite.

Kaboose also explains how to make Red Candied Apples.

Here is an entire blog devoted to apple recipes, Just Apple Recipes Blog!

Maryland Apples has a clever recips for Apple Fruit Roll Ups. Their Apple Jigglers also sound like a kid friendly food!

Baked Apple Ice Cream sounds like the perfect topping for a warm apple crisp!


  1. here is another great apple recipe easy for the kiddos to make!

  2. YUM! Those candy apples made me remember a craft we did last year.

    For Abby, I bought styrofoam balls and plain rounded sucker sticks. I put the ball on the stick and then she painted the balls glittery red. She then dribbled puffy pant on the top to look like caramel. They are so cute.

    I made a version where I bought pretend green apples. Then I squirted a LOT of hot glue over the top of the apples, so it looked like dripping caramel. After it dried, I painted it a caramel color. They look edible!