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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Feature: Author Study Challenge

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We are looking forward to rolling out a new monthly feature beginning in October!
Introducing the Monthly Author Challenge!

Today we will be throwing out the challenge. You will have until the end of October (October 22nd, to be exact) to familiarize yourself with the author, plan an activity using one of his/her books, publish your post, and send us the link!

Unlike our Saturday Show and Tell we will be compiling all of the links and ideas into our scheduled post. You will want to submit your post to us via email to be included. You Author Challenge submission should include: your name/blog's name, the book(s) you used by that author, the ages of the children who participated, and a link to your post. (If you do not have a blog and would like to participate, that is great. Please send us a bit of information about the activities you completed and any pictures you'd like included). If you use an idea you have seen somewhere else, please give credit where it is due within your post.

We are really looking forward to seeing what types of creativity abounds, finding new ideas, and trying some new activities of our own!

Ready for the October challenge...

Eric Carle

Some Inspiration:
The Official Eric Carle Website
The Eric Carle Booklist
Eric Carle's Blog
Eric Carle Bio Info
The Eric Carle Museum Site
Eric Carle Scholastic Author Study
Have fun!

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  1. cool challenge Oct 8th is read for the record and Very Hungry Caterpillar is the book so I already have stuff planned!

    we love his books