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Friday, September 18, 2009

Alphabet Activities: Letter L

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L is for Llamas & Lasagna

L is for Lacing Beads & Letters

L is for Lapbooks about Ladybugs

Ladybug Rock Projects and Matching Games

Ladybug Counting, Stickers, and Fine Motor Practice

L is for Leaf Wreaths and Leaf Rubbings

L is for Lavendar and Lime Green
L is for Listening
L is for Leopard Masks and Lion Crafts
L is for Little and Large - do a categorizing lesson using these 2 terms.
L is for Lunch, Licorice, Lemonade
L is for Leaning, Climbing Ladders, Laughing, and Letting Go
L is for a Visit to the Lake, playing Laser Tag, Visiting the Library, Riding in a Limo, and Writing a Letter. Visit the Home Teacher for Lots More L Ideas.
L is for Love

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