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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grandparents Day Gifts & Ideas

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Learn more about National Grandparent's Day started.

Interview your grandparents to learn more about their legacy.

Kid's Point has a helpful Grandparent's Day Booklist.

Apples4theTeacher also has a great list of Grandparent books.

Work together with Grandma and Grandpa to put together a family tree.

Grandparents Day is coming up on September 13th. We wanted to give you a few ideas, and enough time, to get ready!

The Home Teacher has put together downloadable coloring pages for both Grandmas and Grandpas.

The Happy Home Club suggests several ideas for teaching the value of patience in conjunction with Grandparents' Day.

Thanks to Starr for submitting the great Grandparent's Day crafts and activities found in her article. She says, "Did you know that kids call their grandmothers "Nonno" in Italy and "Dziadek" in Poland? Put your grandparents on the map with these educational Grandparents Day crafts and activities. Plus, learn how to say "grandparents" in American Sign Language and write a message in braille."

Put together a special personalized puzzle to keep at Grandma's house. Include pictures of all of the grandchildren in the family. Thanks to the Pink and Green Mama for sharing this idea.

Make your own variation of Monkey See Monkey Do's craft stick puzzles with a special message for Gram and Gramps.

This Little Project gives a step by step tutorial for making shatterproof frames. A great gift to send to grandparents who are far away.


  1. Thank you ladies for featuring my puzzle today -- it's still a hit in our house 9 months later!!

  2. Great ideas! I really like the puzzle.

  3. Selena has already given us the greatest gift for Grandparents Day. The other night she wanted to say grace at the dinner table, so we obliged. Her prayer was: "Dear Jesus, Bless you, And Thank you for Grandma and Grandpa. Amen" Nothing could top that especially coming from a 2.5 yr old!

  4. Thank you for sharing our frames today. G&G's think it's great to have an unbreakable frame to display at their house too-since little fingers love to touch :)