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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Health & Nutrition

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Run the Earth...shared a neat post called Red Light, Green Light about eating like a traffic light!

Apples and Jammies submitted a link to plans for a two week study of healthy eating. She has included many fun picture books, field experiences, and hands on activities.

Thanks to Starr for the following submission.
Back to school lunches: creative and educational solutions
Description: Make packing lunches fun by letting children help plan meals based on the food pyramid, create an ongoing lunchtime story, make secret codes and create fun crafts.

The Masked Mommy put together a really clever art lesson that highlights healthy eating using the food pyramid. You won't want to miss out on this link! It's appropriate for kids of many different ages.

It's not too early to start thinking about a healthy alternative for dealing with all the Trick or Treat loot. Thanks to Nicki for this idea:
"For Halloween (the biggest candy holiday at our house), the boys leave all but 10 pieces of their candy in containers by the front door when they go to bed. During the night, the Halloween Fairy visits and uses all the energy in the sugar to change the candy into a toy! Whee! :) It's usually a book, puzzle, game, etc. They get to eat their 10 pieces, one piece a day, after dinner each night. So far, no complaints!"

See 'em! Serve 'em! Sing 'em! Wear 'em! Food Group Fun from The Home Teacher.


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