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Friday, February 25, 2011

Feature Yourself Friday: Meet Stacie

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The Amazing Mess. I know it is an unusual title, and I'm often asked where I came up with that name for my blog!!

When my oldest daughter was two (she's now six), she climbed into my mom's car and was absolutely horrified by how messy it was (my mom is quite the carpenter and usually has an assortment of tools, paint, and other stuff in her car)! She looked right at my mom and said "Mimi -- your car is an amazing mess!"

That combination of words stuck with me. You can read it two ways -- AMAZING mess or amazing MESS. Sometimes life with little ones is amazing, but sometimes it is just a mess. My intent when I started my blog about a year ago was to share about the amazing parts of life and the messy parts of life.

As a former primary teacher, I also wanted to share SIMPLE ideas and activities that any parent could do with their child (I have files and files of ideas)! I also wanted to share STEP-BY-STEP directions for projects. I am a visual learner, but I kept running into all kinds of projects without pictures -- and I need pictures! So, I attempt to document our activities (as best I can) with photographs and easy instructions.

Here's some of what you'll find on The Amazing Mess:

Interestingly, some of my most popular posts haven't been kid's projects! My number one visited post is this magnetic menu planner!

After that are my bargain posts! I love finding and sharing a bargain (so much so that I started another blog called Motherhood on a Dime -- it's dedicated to helping moms/parents/anyone find the best deals and learn how to use coupons to save tons of money on grocery bills)!

Anyway, in keeping with my educational theme, I look for the best deals/bargains aimed at teachers, homeschoolers, and moms and share those on Saturday Savings posts!

Finally, I have a few more things in the works -- more giveaways, a weekly link-up starting soon (hopefully!!), and more activities for babies and toddlers! Most activities are aimed at little ones in the 3-7 range, but many are adaptable!

I would absolutely love for you to come visit us over at The Amazing Mess (join our Facebook page, receive email updates, subscribe via RSS, or follow on Twitter). I feel very blessed to have a wonderful community of new friends I've made through blogging!

Thank you so much for allowing me to share with you -- and thanks to ABC and 123: A Learning Cooperative for providing such an excellent website and resource!


  1. That magnetic menu planner is brilliant - no wonder it's so popular!

  2. Just found you and am excited to ck back often. Great ideas!

  3. I just love both your blogs Stacie! Thanks for sharing all your hard work! We have way too much in common! :)

  4. Great feature.
    Such a fun combination of topics. All of which I am always looking for more ideas and help with!

  5. What fun... I think I need to use the saying Amazing Mess in a sentence tomorrow while talking to my 3 year olds.