ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Show and Tell #46

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Show and Tell #46

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Dottie's Homeschool Universe shared a link to a fun study of Arctic & Antarctic animals and habitats.

Little Learners Lounge linked up with a toothpick activity that is sure to help pass time.

Chalk in my Pocket has a tutorial for making 3D bathtub paint that I am looking forward to trying.

Now, it's your turn!
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  1. Your newest follower and linker in the party!- no clue how I made it to you - I'm hopping around today!

  2. Thanks for hosting! It is always so much fun to check out new blogs and visit old favorites too! Kerri

  3. Just found you and your great show and tell linky through the picket fence! I love your site, and have signed up to follow. We've just started sharing all the educational things we're doing with our girls on our new blog - and hope to share and contribute to all the great inspiration in blogland!

    Thanks for hosting - I'm off to check out some links!