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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Learning with Candy Hearts

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Hello blogger world! It's me again, Rachelle from What the Teacher Wants! I have more fun with food activities for you to do with your kiddos!

What in the world can you do with all of these?!?

In my 1st grade classroom, I like to practice ABC order with Conversation Hearts.
Not sure how to introduce ABC order? Click here for a previous post about it on my blog!
Don't want to buy those chalky tasting Valentine's Day treats? No worries! Use this instead:

{Click the picture to download both}

For more fun ideas to do with Candy Hearts,
go to this link from my blog!
Candy Heart Math EXPLOSION!

What other fun ideas do you have for Valentine's Day?
Please share!


  1. Great ideas! I have 2nd graders and we usually make our own conversation hearts for Mom or Dad. We also graph them for a bonus math lesson. I'm trying to share some read-aloud ideas too on my blog: Hope you can check it out sometime or give me any advice! I'm new to this whole blogosphere!

  2. Great idea! We do a lot of graphing activities with candy hearts, but now I can add a LA activity too.

  3. These are great ideas, thank you for sharing! I have my students grab a handful and write a story using the sayings found on the. It is a combination of their writing and the conversation hearts. They start writing the story and when they get to the part where they can use the saying, they glue the hearts on the paper instead of writing the words.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I have lots of math activities planned for Valentines, but I was a little short on LA activities- we will definitely be doing this one!

  5. This is so great! Thanks for the FREE printout. It;s very much appreciated.

  6. Thank you so much!

    Thanks Rachelle at What The Teacher Wants! for sending me to this wonderful site!