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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Penguins: Rhymes, Writing, Books, Counting & Crafts

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Primary Perspective has cute and clever penguin ideas. I love the writing activity with the adorable cut paper penguin accents.

Frogs Bees & Under the Seas has a wonderful free penguin unit to share. The entire unit is available for download.

Mrs Jump's Class has also put together a FANTASTIC multi-subject penguin unit

This is a cute penguin poem from Teaching in High Heels.
A Place to Share is offering you a penguin fact and opinion activity download.

ABC's of Jess' House has a few different penguin posts that you will enjoy checking out. The handprint baby penguins they put together are a creative addition to a penguin study. Jess also says, "While we where learning about the skin of the penguin I had them feel and color with wax. Then we painted water color over to see how the water repels to protect the penguin from cold and water . You can also float the wax as penguins kind of float. We also compared size of the kids to a penguin. Adult penguins grow to be about 4 feet tall, which is close in size to the average preschooler. "

The Diary of a Nouveau Soccer Mom has posted a short list of penguin themed books, as well as a toliet paper penguin craft.

Arts and Crofts snuck in a geometry lesson while making these penguin pals.

The Adventures of Bear played penguins with a counting rhyme. They also used the book A Penguin Story as inspiration for a fun craft.


  1. I really like the way Arts and Crafts incorporated some maths learning into their penguin pictures! :)

  2. This is an amazing blog! Wow! I am having sensory overload haha. I love penguins and these are fun ideas. Thank you for sharing.
    Here are my posts on penguins.