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Monday, February 14, 2011

Play To Learn: Hot Dots

Welcome to Play To Learn!

This week I wanted to talk about Hot Dots! I’m sure you’ve all heard about these fun little cards, but my kids love them so much I thought they deserved a post all to their own!


When your student clicks on one of the dots the pen will flash green and say “Great Job” or “You are Correct”, if you get the wrong answer the pen will flash red and say “Sorry, try again!” They also have a new set for young kids along with a cute “Ace” the dog pen. His eyes light up green when they’re right and he barks!

Educational Insights sells several different pre-made cards, or you can purchase Educational Insights Hot Dots with Talking Hot Dots Pen, and make your own cards as well! You can also download the cards I’ve made here:

100_5152 100_5150 100_5151 IMG_3364

The Hot Dots Jr. Getting Ready for School kit is awesome, it has a whole set of fun cards that will help your kids practice key learning skills while having fun at the same time!


This is such a fun way to practice math facts, learn letters and sounds, counting skills and more! They have cards for just about every subject out there and they make learning fun!

If you’re interested, I have a giveaway going on this week for a FREE set of Hot Dots and Ace pen!


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  1. This looks like a lot of fun. My 2.5 year old would love this, I'm sure.

  2. Thanks for sharing this great resource.

  3. I have never seen these before but they look wonderful!

    Ashley DeMazza
    Falls Village, CT

  4. These look great! I just ordered some off of Amazon. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but the it says the files are not valid.