ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Pattern Fish

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pattern Fish

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Teaching young children about patterns is a really fun thing to do! It's very hands on and patterns can be spotted anywhere!  Here is another fun with food learning activity you can do!

You have to start by reading this book:

{Click the picture for more information}

1.  Read the book, Pattern Fish.  It is a very interactive book that the children can help you with reading.
2.  Talk about how repeating patterns are all around us (in our classroom, home, numbers, outside) and list some examples. 
3.  Show the goldfish and practice making different repeating patterns together.
4.  Let the students have their own cup of goldfish and practice making repeating patterns at their desk.  Make sure their pattern repeats (red, blue, green , red, blue green, red, blue, green)! 
5.  Have the students make 4 different patterns and fill in their pattern fish worksheet.
6.  As always, eat the goldfish at the end!

{Click the picture for the pattern fish download}

Because I use this lesson as an introduction to repeating patterns, I do not have the students label their patterns (ababab).  Feel free to expand this lesson to incorporate labeling or even growing patterns (abaabaaab).

Here is another idea to do with those leftover goldfish crackers:

 {Click the picture for the download}


  1. Our class graphs the goldfish during Dr. Seuss week as part of our One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish activities. Thank you for an extension book/activity!

  2. I am definitely checking out the book! Thanks for sharing the printable too! Kerri

  3. I love any excuse to bring food into math! I had never seen that book before. Now I must have it!