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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Color Activities: Yellow

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This month's color is Yellow!

Book List
Yellow Square, by David Carter
Little Blue & Little Yellow by Leo Lionni
Yellow House Mystery (Box Car Children #3)
Old Yeller, by Fred Gibson
Yellow and Pink, by William Steig
Little Yellow Dog, by Francesca Simon
Put together a book about yellow using the resources at Enchanted Learning.

I SPY something yellow
20 Questions something yellow
Play an interactive online game to learn about yellow objects

Yellow Pages Scavenger Hunt
~Search for letters of the alphabet
~Talk about alphabetizing
~Number search

Take a yellow nature walk and look for all things yellow in the great outdoors.
Such as: Dandelions, Daffodils, Sunshine, Bees, Butterflies
Fun Child Learning Activities reinforced the fact that in teaching colors it is important to be aware of the everyday objects in your surroundings. She also reminds parents as teachers to focus on helping your child say yellow correctly as it is one of the most difficult color words to pronounce.

Snack Ideas:
Pineapple juice
Hard-boiled or deviled eggs
Scrambled eggs
Yellow jello
Corn muffins
Yellow taffy
Yellow lollipops
Plain yellow cake

Use lemon flavored jelly beans or yellow M&Ms for math counters

~Make yellow scratch & sniff watercolors
~Create a yellow collage with: yellow fabric scraps, yellow yarn, yellow buttons, yellow paper, yellow tissue paper, yellow cotton balls, yellow milk jug caps, yellow confetti, yellow paint chip samples from the hardware store, etc.
~Older children may enjoy making their own yellow pages as they practice social studies, art, and math skills.
~Using yellow paint make lemon printing pictures

Kids B Cool has a great list of math, science, cooking activities and more...all focusing on yellow! This link is definetly worth checking out!!

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  1. Thanks for all the great ideas for my favorite color :)