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Friday, May 29, 2009

Teacher Gift Ideas

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We interrupt our normally scheduled letter posts for a batch of emergency end of the year teacher gift ideas! The traditional school year is quickly approaching and we know you want to show your child's dedicated teacher how much you appreciated all the long hours of preparation, hard work, and dedication they put into making your child's year special!

Many of these are from teacher appreciation week, but with a few modifications would also work now. Show them with one of these fun ideas, and you won't have to resort to the last teacher mug at the drug store on the way to drop off your kids on the last day of school☺

Yes 4 Crazy Kings shared this is for Teacher Appreciation Week, but with a few changes it make's the best thank you for a great year card ever!
It's the end of the year, all the kids have gone and now you, the classroom teacher, are cleaning up your room and getting ready for the summer cleaning crew to come in and give it a scrub down. Here's the pefect thing to give the teacher to munch on while she packs up, personalized cookie boxes as seen on 4 Crazy Kings!
Any early childhood teacher would love to get this fabulous quilt made by Be a Good Mom, her daughter helped make it for her kindergarten teacher and it's the perfect size for the play house center!

Casa Camacho made these creative twists on the traditional apple for my teacher gift!

They also made these cute candy messages for their teachers.
Sheila at Pieces of Me really appreciates her daughter's teachers! Back during teacher appreciation week she put together great gifts for each day, including this cute latte themed mug and Starbucks gift card one. Because they hae the "write stuff", she also gave a set of cute note pads and pens, very handy for all the notes we take on our students and for quick messages to parents. Then there's the beautiful candle for "lighting up their days", complete with prettily packaged matches and the "mint to be my teacher", jar of lifesavers! Any one of these sweet gestures would be appreciated by your child's teacher, just be sure to include the heartfelt note of thanks like Sheila did!

The Princess with a Half Priced Tiara turned her kid's artwork into fun teacher note cards with the help of Shutterfly, an online developer with many photo based products.

Here is another great way to turn your child's artwork into a teacher gift, make these fun personalized note pads, like 4 Crazy Kings did.

Still in need of some inspiration? Letti at Happily Ever After rounded up a bunch of great ideas back around Teacher Appreciation Week.

One last goodie to share today! This isn't a teacher gift but it is perfect for the end of the year especially as preschool and kindergarten classrooms have their graduations!
Kris at Jesse Kate Designs's graduation hat idea! This would be fun end of the year activity for an early childhood classroom, and as Kris points out the children can even use the fruit loops get in some last minute pattern making practice!

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  1. the "love you to pieces" is TOO cute! i have been debating what to get my son's teacher for an end of the year gift; thanks for the ideas!!

  2. Cute ideas. I really like the graduation hats. Today was our last day of homeschool preschool, but it was pretty uneventful, since my daughter was kind of a crab today. LOL!

    Maybe we'll make the hats this weekend.

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  4. Very cute. Great idea for achievement day girls or cub scouts. Thanks.Yours is a nice blog.

  5. While people may have different views still good things should always be appreciated. Yours is a nice blog. Liked it!!!