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Friday, May 15, 2009

Letter C Activities

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We're onto the third letter in the alphabet for today's Fun with Letters Friday! The letter C can be tricky because it makes two sounds the hard /c/ sound as in cat and the soft /c/ as in celery which learners often mistake for the letter s when beginning to spell. The ideas we are sharing are a mixture of both hard and soft sounds, but we recommend that you introduce the letter c with the hard /c/ sound.

We would love to get more alphabet submissions since it's a activity area so many of you are interested in. Remember activites like ones on Cats for C, Dogs for D, Elephants for E, all count! After we do letter E we'll be sharing some more whole alphabet review activities so if you've got one, email it AND if you send us one NOW for any letter not just the upcoming ones it'll earn you an entry into our Healthiest Kid on the Block Book Giveaway!

Make a Cotton ball C with Ramblings of a Crazy Woman.

Or try Making a C is for Circles by stamping with an empty and cleaned can, as seen on Just for Fun.

Give your child some small squares and have him or her cut off the corners, you can also try this simple cutting practice as seen on Preschool Playbook.

Make a crown to wear, how about this simple idea from No Time for Flashcards?

Crayon Match Up: mix up a few sets of crayons and have your child find all the pairs.

Make paper chains at the start of the your letter C unit, make one for each day. Remove on link each day until the last day of the unit and have a celebration. Try making a cake, cupcakes, or cookies for a special sweet ending to your studies.

Cookies Art: Take a piece of construction paper. Tear off a sheet of tin foil that fits onto your paper and glue it down. Cut out five circles and have your child decorate them and glue them onto their cookie sheet.

Print out a C is for booklet here, or try this larger My Letter C book. You can also make your own C words book by stapling a few sheets of paper together and then looking through old magazines or even better catalogs and look for words that begin with C

Homeschool Creations shares her Letter C activities, including a clock template you can download, color mixing - see more on her color activites below, counting coins and cotton balls, and shares a C letter sheet collage that she made (the preview didn't load for us on her page but the link below works), she also shares a Handwriting Without Tears style worksheet that she made and more.

C is for Cat:

Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot made a simple shape cat picture and then a fun cat face treat for their letter C activities.

Make a Cat Collage: Using old magazines go through and cut out pictures of all cats and glue them all onto a piece of paper.

Casa Camacho made these cat faces during their Letter C studies, we also like how they stamped a page of letter C, made a family tree because their last name begins with C, and their daughter whose name begins with C made a frame for her picture.

Check out these cute cat puppets made by No Time for Flashcards.

Here is a C coloring page with a large letter C on it and a picture of a cat, there is also a picture of just a cat.

C is for Caterpillar

No Time for Flashcards made her C into an caterpillar!

We also like this version of a caterpillar made into the shape of the letter C from Crayons Glue and Scissors.

Ramblings of a Crazy Woman, has made two caterpillar projects for the letter C. We really like how the body of the caterpillar is make up of the letter C, how fun and a nice way to reinforce the letter connection.

Jennifer at Blissful Moments made a similar C caterpillar picture and since she and her daughter we studying caterpillars and butterflies at the same time, she did and shared some great links for a Parmesan cheese container story teller and butterfly flip book. She also made a fun letter recognition activity using bottle caps and a butterfly shape.

C is for Colors

We really like Homeschool Creations simple to make but multiskill practicing paper clip matching activity!

To continue on her C if for Color's them Jolanthe has also made and shares her color matching cards. Check them out!

Simple Snack Ideas:

Celery sticks filled with cream cheese
Crackers and cheese
Corn on the cob: try painting with corn cobs too, they make very interesting textures
Cottage cheese with cherries
Make cupcakes and use frosting to "write" a C on top
Go on a C word hunt at the grocery store and find foods that begin with the letter C such as celery, cucumber, corn, and carrots and bring them home for a letter snack.

Or make this C shaped cookies, as seen on No Time for Flashcards.


  1. love that letter C caterpillar! Thanks for the link.


  2. Cool, Colorful & Creative is what comes to mind when I read this post! Awesome tips!!!!

  3. I love all the great "C" projects.

    Thanks for putting them all together in one place.

  4. I love the cat snack. This would be cute during my pet unit too. Thanks so much.

  5. My Very Favorite C for Caterpillar craft [link below]